Cholesterol drug

Cholesterol drug

Consume Guava Red

How to deal with high cholesterol traditionally the first is to consume red guava. The red guava contains vitamin C and e, selenium, karatenoid, and flanovoid which have positive effect on the decrease of bad cholesterol. So it is very suitable to lower bad cholesterol. How to use it can be used as a juice to be safer when digested than to consume directly.

Papaya fruit can also be used to reduce high cholesterol levels. Papaya fruit contains vitamins A, C and E and fiber so it can lower your cholesterol levels. Other contents of papaya and chympopain papain enzymes are antiflamasi. Papaya also contains lycopene which can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. How to use it by eating directly papaya fruit repeatedly until cholesterol levels decreased.
Mangosteen skin

Mangosteen skin contains antioxidant substances that can be used to cure many diseases. One of them can be used to lower high cholesterol. Therefore can be used alternatives to reduce high cholesterol levels.
Apple juice

How to deal with high cholesterol traditionally the last by drinking apple juice. Apples are rich in fiber that will bind the bad cholesterol to be removed from your body. How to use it by drinking two glasses of apple juice per day. So cholesterol will go down quickly and safely, because it does not cause side effects.
Well, that's just some ways of overcoming high cholesterol traditionally that you can try at home, to reduce high cholesterol levels. Good luck and good luck

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